The Original Article at Boing Boing

John Dee and the Empire of Angels has evolved through several iterations. It began life as an article I was commissioned to write for Boing Boing by Mark Frauenfelder, linked below; however, the article ended up growing to over 18,000 words worth of material, far exceeding the requested 1,500 word count for the article. To solve this, a basic article was published at Boing Boing, with a link to buy an expanded ebook version of the article entitled The Angelic Reformation.

This ebook caught the attention of the great esoteric publisher Inner Traditions, who commissioned an even larger version. This massive undertaking—which took an additional two years of nonstop work—ended up developing into a 250,000 word manuscript that was finally edited down to about 140,000 words (still nearly 600 printed pages!), and published as John Dee and the Empire of Angels.

You can see the original article that started it all below.