Presenting on John Dee’s Occult Legacy at the Esoteric Book Conference

In mid-2017, I was invited to speak at the Esoteric Book Conference by my friend William Kiesel, proprietor of Three Hands Press and the Mortlake & Co. bookshop in downtown Seattle. This is the premier conference for occult and esoteric topics in the world, which is regularly attended by some of the greatest minds in occulture, and has become a hub for writers, artists and serious occult practitioners to come together and discuss the subjects they are so passionate about.

I gave an hour long presentation entitled “The Angelic Reformation,” which touches on many of the topics I discuss in John Dee and the Empire of Angels, and recounts the life of Dee and why his work is so important to the world. It was quite well received!

Please excuse the video angle and audio, we did what we could with the equipment we had available—it’s not ideal, but I thought it was better to have some record of the talk online rather than nothing, and hope that the presentation and subject matter shine through!