FREE Introduction to Angelic & Enochian Magick Live Class

22 April 1:00 pm

Additional Information

As a special gift to my readers, I’m offering a FREE course on Angelic & Enochian Magick. It will be taught LIVE at Magick.Me on April 22, and recorded for anybody who misses the livestream. You can see the course here.

This course will cover a HUGE range of occult techniques for contacting angels, from Solomonic and grimoire magick, to Dee and Kelley’s Enochian system, to the Golden Dawn, to even more modern techniques. It’s going to be intense and absolutely enlightening.

The ONLY way to get access to this course, however, is to purchase John Dee and the Empire of Angels before April 21, 2018—and then sending me your receipt or other proof of purchase. (Carefully follow the instructions on how to do this at the course site.) Everybody who does this will get access to this exclusive, one-time-only course. But if you miss out, you miss out. I will NOT be offering this course in any other way. You have to purchase the book this week in order to get in! (Pre-orders count, by the way, in case you pre-ordered before this week. Ebooks count too. If you live somewhere where the book isn’t out yet—like Europe—you can still pre-order and send me the receipt to get into the class.)

Grab the book here and then carefully follow the instructions to claim your free class here!

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