Talking John Dee on the Duncan Trussell Family Hour!

I’ve been very lucky to be a regular guest on my friend Duncan Trussell’s podcast The Duncan Trussell Family Hour and get to talk magick and all kinds of other weirdness with one of the greatest comedians, podcasters and high-strangeness-gatekeepers of our era.

In my third appearance, we talked quite a bit about John Dee, shortly before I completed John Dee and the Empire of Angels. (Duncan was also kind enough to provide a quote for the book, calling it “A crazy plunge into the weird world of angels and those brave or foolish enough to try to contact them. Be prepared, for this book illuminates the dark corners of history that many institutions would prefer to go unexplored and unmentioned—I’m thankful for the angels that aided Jason in his creation of this mind-spinning, glorious work of occult genius.”

Check out our conversation below—we talk John Dee, Enochian magick, how the occult relates to artificial intelligence, using virtual reality to contact spirits, and lots, lots more…!


Listen to the Show

Check out the podcast on Duncan Trussell's page here: Duncan Trussell Family Hour #230