New John Dee Podcasts and Video Interviews With Jason Louv

I’ve been appearing all over the place to promote John Dee and the Empire of Angels—and getting into some surprisingly deep territory exploring John Dee, Enochian, Aleister Crowley, magick, Thelema, Jack Parsons and lots more. I’ve been blown away by how interested people are in the occult history of the world—even though (maybe because) it’s been such a hidden topic!

There’s a rundown of recent appearances below—there’s lots more to come, and I’ll be posting them on the site as I do them.

A brand new episode of The Duncan Trussell Family Hour (Podcast)

Tin Foil Hat With Sam Tripoli (Video & Podcast)

Leak Project (Longform Video)

Disinformation (Text)

Regina Meredith (Longform Video)

The illustrious Publisher’s Weekly also covered the book!

(If you haven’t yet, definitely check out the previous episode of The Duncan Trussell Family Hour that I recorded on the topic of John Dee, as well—listen to it here.)

I’ll be posting lots more interviews here as I do them. In the meantime, also keep checking out the live events page as I am starting to announce in-person events and book tour dates.

Enjoy—and hope to meet you at an event soon!