How to Help Tell the World About John Dee & the Empire of Angels!

Here’s how you can help John Dee & the Empire of Angels take flight even faster

Hey! I want to take a moment to send you a tremendous amount of love. Because you’ve really believed in me and my work, you’ve help rocket John Dee & the Empire of Angels to the top of its categories in Amazon. This is absolutely great news for me and the success of this book will help me to continue to spread magick to the world. And none of this would be possible without your help! This book was created as a labor of love for YOU, and you made it possible by picking it up!

As an independent author, I live and die by my readers and students’ support. That truly is it. I don’t have a day job. Assisting your magical evolution is my full-time job. This means that I am 100% doing this for you, and 100% supported by your interest in the work AND you helping to get the word out to others!

So I’m asking for your help here. It would mean the world to me if you could take a moment to help spread the word about John Dee & the Empire of Angels. I’ve provided a few easy ways to do it below. All it’ll take is clicking a share button or maybe posting a few lines of support. You actually have TREMENDOUS power to help the success of this book (and of the continued growth of the magical current!) by simply telling your friends about the book. It truly is that easy, and that powerful. Here’s how:

1. Share One of the Images Below on Social Media

I’ve created a few memes to share below. (I’ll be adding to these soon as well.)

If you like, you can add a few lines of personal recommendation. This second part REALLY helps if you have time.3

Babalon John Dee

Duncan Trussell John Dee

Doug Rushkoff John Dee


2. Post a Selfie on Instagram With the Book

Snap a quick pic of you holding the book and post to your Instagram! Use the hashtag #jasonlouv (this is actually the only related hashtag I could find that wasn’t taken, haha) and tag me: I will very likely repost it to my account also!!

Check out my account for some great examples of what people have already been doing!

3. Leave a Review on Amazon

Great Amazon reviews are one of the most important things you can do to support an author. It really, really helps. You can leave one here.

Thank you again for your support. I really, really, truly do appreciate and cherish every bit of it. It’s why I do this, after all—for you. Enjoy the book and hope to see you in class soon!